Surf & Yoga Retreat

We think it is profound that Bidadari is the Indonesian “Aspara” or female spirit of the clouds and water in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. We see the synergy of Bidadari being our platform to explore and enjoy our unique yoga cruises facilitated by our own experienced teacher, mentor and yoga guide.

Our Yoga & Surf retreat is a once in a life time experience , where you and a handful of beautiful souls can step away from life as you know it and into a dream. Wake up with the sun and enjoy sunrise Yoga on the spacious Deck of Bidadari starting your day off the way it should be , a day full of surfing and relaxation awaits only to be ended off with a sunset yoga session on an empty beach in tropical paradise.

Surfing on this trip is for all levels from beginner to experienced we promise you wont be disappointed.

From playful long rides offering the ride of your life for some, right around the corner from long glassy walls of perfection. There is the perfect wave for everyone.

With the busy days ahead we ensure you will be well fueled , healthy eating is the name if the game on bidadari , our chef Katie creates a special meal plan for our yoga & surf retreats offering fresh healthy vegetarian meals as well as fresh fish caught either by guests and crew or purchased at local markets along the way.

Each trip is different and depends on all the factors mother nature has to offer but our general outline would be flying in and out of Tambolaka airport Sumba and from there surfing some of the incredible uncrowded waves Sumba has on offer before heading east to Savu , Rote and Timor then flying from kupang or the other way round all depending on you and mother nature.

We only run a hand full of Yoga & surf retreats a year so make sure you book early to ensure a spot on one of our planned trips or if you have a group of 8 or more you can book a yoga & surf retreat any available dates.