Sumbawa – Sumba

10 night trip running at US$ 2500 PP
This trip starts off in Sumbawa barat which is host to some well known waves such as yoyos, super suck, tropicana and the infamous scar reef.
We will spend a few days in this area surfing these waves and a few not so well known waves before heading east. The coast line of Sumbawa is littered with waves only a hand full of people have surfed as we cruise down island we are hoping to score some of these magic spots before arriving at lakeys.
We will then spend a few days around here with waves such as lakey peak, lakey pipe, periscopes and many more before we make our way over to Sumba where we will work our way along the coast surfing some truly amazing uncrowded waves, catching and eating fresh fish and exploring the untouched coast line that magical sumba has to offer.