Sumba – Mangkudu

10 night trip running at US$ 2500 PP
A trip for the adventurous ones. The beautiful and untouched island of Sumba located in eastern indonesia, is made up of beautiful dense jungle, majestic mountains, pristine beaches and of course amazing waves.
We will be starting the trip from west sumba by surfing a more known wave called Peros . From there we will sail east, along the vast coastline that sumba has to offer, surfing , searching, fishing and having a good time.
Sumba is a magical place, still very raw and untouched with much lesser crowds if any at all . Sumba still host the opportunity of discovering a new secret spot or a wave that has possibly never been surfed before.
There’s more to Sumba than just surfing , the people and culture of sumba is what makes the island so unique. Day trip hikes and exploring the untouched beaches or a trip to a local village is something i think everyone on this trip should experience.