10 night trip running at US$ 2500 PP
Once aboard Bidadari and all settled in with a cold refreshment, we will depart from Serangan harbour heading east towards Lombok.
It would be rude not to check out a couple spots around Lombok. If the spots are producing we will do a couple days around Lombok, if not we will set sail straight for Sumbawa.
Arriving in West Sumbawa, there a plenty spots on offer, some well known and a couple secret spots to avoid the crowds. After spending a few days surfing, fishing and diving around West Sumbawa we will keep heading east along the southern (of course stopping to surf and check out spots) coast towards the world famous Lakey peak, which is host to a abundance of waves for all levels.
We will spend the rest of the trip around Lakeys searching, surfing, fishing, diving and having a good ol time.
You will depart from Lakeys or Sape Harbour to Salahuddin airport in Bima, where your will get your flight back to bali.