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Lombok is one of the many destinations we at BST like to travel to with waves such as Desert point , Maui , Ekas , Aregoling and many more on offer Lombok is the perfect destination during the wet and the dry season with lefts and rights on offer all year round and the best part is surfing uncrowded waves, not only are the waves amazing in Lombok but the place its self has much to offer with Kuta Lombok being our destination of choice the site seeing and beautiful tranquility is what Bali was 20 years ago with a hint of party to it when it wants to kick off a trip to Lombok can be just what the doctor ordered thats why we at BST recommend you definitely get hold of us and request a lombok package and let us plan you the trip of a life time

Nusa Lembongan -

Nusa Lembongan is part of a beautiful chain of islands just off Bali and is home to some of the best diving in the world not only that but it is also home to 5 perfect surf breaks play grounds , lacerations , razors , shipwrecks and secret point . we have found in the past that these waves can get crowded during the dry season in a smaller swell so we recommend only traveling to nusa lembongan on a large swell or during the wet season. Nusa lembongan is part of the chain of nusa islands, nuse cinigan , nusa penita and of course lembongan which is the smallest of the three but has the most to offer, our accommodation is out standing in lembongan situated right in front of shipwrecks and razors, we have great contacts that offer scuba diving courses for great prices if that is on the cards for you as well as fishing , mangrove tours , cliff jumping and snorkeling with manta rays

Sumbawa -

West Sumbawa is one of our favorite destinations at BST, with some world class waves on offer all year round but again we do recommend only traveling in the wet season or on a big swell as the trade winds only really work for few of the spots in sumbawa , but fear not the world class left hander SUPER SUCK works all year round on any big swell with a little west in it. other dry season waves on offer are yoyos, occasionally scar reef and a few secret points. during the wet season tropical’s lefts and right come to life, tropies left is like a skate park when its on and tropies right is a perfect learner or long boarder wave. yoyos and the hook work well through the wet season as well as scar reef and many others. Sumbawa does not have much else to offer besides impeccable surf and relaxation my suggestion is to check with the BST guides as to when the best timing for a trip to sumbawa would be as you dont want to be stuck there with out swell unless you enjoy golf as sumbawas only other attraction is a the golf course situated near the Mine in Maluk.

Central Sumbawa is home to Lakey peak and lakey Pipe, extremely good waves that can get very crowded but offer some of the best lefts and rights around we recommended the wet season as winds can be light and crowds not so heavy, check in with your BST guides before making a decision on lakeys

G-land -

G-Land, also known as Plengkung Beach situated in the Grajagan bay, as you most likely know is a world class break about half a day travel by land from Bali or a few hours if we take a boat across, G-land has some of the best waves on offer all year round, if your looking to charge I would recommend lining your trip up with a solid swell but G-land during the dry season months on a solid swell can get extremely crowded even though the line up is spread out quite a bit. it is also a heavy wave when the swell is big so if your not the most experienced surfer you can still surf G-land but I would wait for a more manageable swell size, G-land can still produce perfect barrels at 4ft and the crowds are minimal, at BST we can arrange 4 day or 7 day trips to G-land staying at one of the 4 land camps on the island, we highly recommend a G-land trip during your stay with BST.

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