Welcome to BST

Welcome to Beautiful Bali where surf meets culture and people from all around the world collide to create a perfect mixture of travel , surf and good times

Bali is littered with waves from the Beach breaks on the west coast to the perfect left reef breaks of the Bukit all the way down to the east coast with its perfect right hand barrels and many many more in-between your options are endless when you have the combined experience of the BST surf-guides pointing you in the right direction.

in between all the surfing and bintangs you cant forget the beauty and awe inspiring magnificence that is Bali, so  rich in culture and history with Bali being the most religiously diverse island in Indonesia you can spend days here without touching the water and still have the time of your life.


BST beautiful accommodation

Our luxurious Surf Villa is our Base camp for all Surf Trips, spending either all your Time in Bali here surfing Bali and surrounding areas or adventuring beyond the island of Bali is up to you, but we at BST recommend you get as much in as possible that’s why at BST we allow you the surfer to create Package trips consisting of a few days in Bali at BST villa and a few days traveling to one or more of our ranked surf destinations , such as Lombok , Sumbawa , lembongan¬† or G-land