Indo Surfaris

A surf charter in Indonesia is something every surfer dreams of from the moment the surf bug bites, we have all spent hours day dreaming of perfect waves reeling down pristine reefs with just you and your mates in the water.

We all know that dream is just a dream, because lets face it indo is crowded and to get to these amazing waves it isn’t cheap. That’s where we come in, as surfers and world travelers our selves we have been dreaming about getting on a boat and searching for uncrowded perfection for years and now we want to invite you to search with us.

Every trip is different to cater for our guests needs and surfing levels, we want to put you in the best spots at all times and not just surfing. Fishing, spearing, diving, exploring the islands and a little partying is all part of the adventure.

Explore our site to find the perfect trip for you , or create the ideal trip for you and a group.